[Topics on Industrial Internet]Industrial Internet with Chinese characteristics seizes the right to speak in the world

With the continuous convergence of the new generation of information technology changes and the new industrial revolution, the topic of promoting the development of the Industrial Internet has once again attracted attention from all walks of life.

On March 5, the fourth session of the 13th National People’s Congress was held in Beijing. Zhou Yunjie, deputy to the National People’s Congress and president of Haier Group, submitted the “Suggestions on Building an Industrial Internet System with Chinese Characteristics and Promoting High-quality Development of the Real Economy”. He pointed out in the suggestion , to build an industrial Internet system with Chinese characteristics, to promote the high-quality development of the real economy, and to have an all-round, in-depth and revolutionary impact on China’s future industrial development.

The reporter of “China Business News” learned that from the construction of China’s industrial Internet platform to data security, from the integration and innovation of new technologies to the upgrading of the industrial system, and this year’s proposal to build an industrial Internet system with Chinese characteristics, this is the fifth consecutive year that Zhou Yunjie has suggested China’s industrial Internet development.

The matching of supply and demand needs to be strengthened urgently

In Zhou Yunjie’s view, the vigorous development of the Industrial Internet is constantly subverting traditional manufacturing models, production organization methods and industrial forms on a global scale, accelerating the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and the development and growth of emerging industries. However, in China, the inability to precisely match the needs of digital transformation of enterprises and the supply of capabilities of industrial Internet platforms is a major constraint.

As we all know, China is the only country in the world that has all the industrial categories listed in the United Nations Industrial Classification. The diverse, differentiated and comprehensive needs of thousands of industries are the main manifestations at present. However, the supply capacity of the existing platform is obviously insufficient, with limited knowledge coverage, fragmented supply plans, and shallow supply capacity.

Many industrial Internet platforms, especially those with a non-manufacturing background, are mostly at the stage of solving equipment asset management problems, addressing the most basic and intuitive needs of enterprises. Once it comes to the underlying processes, processes, etc., the platform R&D team must have sufficient industry experience, and the greater challenge lies in the flexible transformation of the production line.

In the formulation of the scheme, chip manufacturers focus on solving identification and connection from the identification segment, communication manufacturers emphasize the guarantee of mass information transmission, automation manufacturers focus on the extensive adaptation of a variety of industrial protocols, equipment manufacturers focus on promoting their own equipment access standards, and software manufacturers focus on The focus is on industrial design and production control from the software level, and it is difficult for a manufacturer to provide an all-round integrated solution.

As a result, although my country’s industrial Internet has a good development trend, compared with the development level of developed countries and the requirements to support my country’s high-quality development, there is still a lot of room for improvement.

On the industrial basis, most of our enterprises are in the stage of Industry 2.0~3.0. Industrial equipment is made in all countries. A large number of “deaf and dumb” industrial equipment do not have digital sensors and cannot transmit data. The industrial agreement is based on seven countries and eight systems, and the data format is not uniform, so it cannot be interconnected. Another industrial reality is that the industry’s supply capacity is highly dependent on foreigners: in terms of hardware, more than 95% of high-end PLCs, high-end sensors and more than 50% of high-end DCS market shares are occupied by foreign manufacturers; in terms of software, about 80% of R&D design Software and more than 50% production control software need to be imported.

Therefore, compared with the development of international industrial Internet platforms, the number of device connections is small, the gap between industrial models and data is large, the industry concentration is low, and there is a lack of unified interface specifications. Application promotion still needs to be strengthened.

Build a system with Chinese characteristics

The Industrial Internet can well promote the development of the real economy, but my country’s small and medium-sized enterprises have poor equipment, most of them do not have digital sensors, and cannot transmit data. As a result, enterprises cannot use the Industrial Internet at all. If you must connect to the Industrial Internet, companies will have to spend a lot of money on digital transformation, which will greatly reduce their enthusiasm. At the same time, talent and technology also restrict their digital transformation.

“Policies must be introduced to make enterprises willing to digitize, and through the establishment of industrial Internet funds, the power of capital will be used to promote the willingness of industrial Internet companies to go on the platform and use the platform.” Zhou Yunjie said that a national industrial Internet platform open source alliance should be established, and it is recommended to establish National Industrial Internet Open Source Fund.

Zhou Yunjie pointed out that an important way to improve the level of industrial integration and innovation, accelerate the pace of digital transformation of the manufacturing industry, and promote the high-quality development of the real economy is to build an industrial Internet system with Chinese characteristics. The difference between China and Europe and the United States is that we are both a big producer and a big consumer, so China’s industrial Internet must organically connect with the consumer Internet.

It is understood that as one of the earliest companies in China to explore the industrial Internet, Haier officially launched the COSMOPlat industrial Internet platform in 2017. On the one hand, Kaos empowers enterprises to access user resources in the whole process, and on the other hand, helps small and medium-sized enterprises and ecological parties create value for users together.

Taking Weizhi, a garment enterprise in Shaanxi as an example, this company has been facing problems such as high inventory, complicated flow links, and long production cycle in recent years. Kaos started from the production line and carried out the three-mode transformation of the whole process for Weizhi. And provide a mass customization model for it, so that the factory has the data-driven capability of large-scale personalized customization. After the transformation, Weizhi has become a platform for gathering designers and a large number of intelligent users. Users can directly interact with designers on the platform. Interaction, put forward requirements in terms of size, fabric, layout, etc. At present, Weizhi’s order volume has increased by 25%, the delivery cycle has been reduced by about 10 to 15 days, and the efficiency has been greatly improved.

Today, compared with the international ones, there are three types of domestic platforms, namely, double-span (cross-industry, cross-regional) platforms, professional platforms and characteristic platforms, as well as intelligent manufacturing, networked collaboration, personalized customization, service extension, and digital management. These five models have basically formed a multi-level and systematic industrial Internet platform system with Chinese characteristics. Zhou Yunjie said that the in-depth construction of the industrial Internet system with Chinese characteristics should not only require the state to promote double-cross platforms, but also encourage the development of numerous small platforms in vertical fields.

He proposed in the proposal of the two sessions that an industrial Internet system with Chinese characteristics, the platform is the main body and carrier of value creation, can be infinitely connected to industrial equipment for value transfer downwards, and industrial software can be infinitely grown upwards for value sharing, which can be very good. To improve the modernization level of the industrial chain and promote the high-quality development of the real economy.

Grab the right to speak internationally

Although Kaos has successfully completed the construction and operation of the industrial Internet with Chinese characteristics, and has a set of experience in promoting the development of the platform and enabling the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, but in the world’s major developed countries attach great importance to the development of the industrial Internet. Under the current situation, my country’s industrial Internet is at a critical turning point from the initial development period to the rapid growth period. Competing with European and American powers on the same stage has left a very limited time window for my country to seize the initiative and discourse power of the industrial Internet.

Since GE first proposed the concept of Industrial Internet in 2012, the United States, Europe, China and the Asia-Pacific region have become key areas for the development of Industrial Internet. The latest data shows that there are 600 industrial Internet platforms in the world, and China accounts for 500.

It is precisely because China has a complete range of industries, obvious industrial scale and supporting advantages, and strong resilience in the industrial chain and supply chain. The industrial comprehensive application of industrial Internet platforms is developing in depth. The rich application scenarios of my country’s industrial Internet development are those of other countries. incomparable.

In Zhou Yunjie’s view, under this advantage, achieving a standard world position is a key part of winning the international voice. “In the field of industrial Internet, we must establish a standard voice. There are many standards that can master world standards. The right to speak. With the standard right to speak, our autonomy and controllability will appear confident in the future.”

Public information shows that Kaos is an industrial Internet platform of Haier with China’s independent intellectual property rights, and it is also the world’s first mass customization platform that introduces users to participate in the whole process. Up to now, the platform has led and participated in the formulation of 31 national standards and 6 international standards, and is the only unit approved by the three major international organizations of IEEE, ISO and IEC to lead the formulation of standards for mass customization mode.

It is worth mentioning that the development of Kaos has been fully recognized internationally. In September 2020, Kaos was invited to officially join the European Federation Cloud (GAIA-X), which is not only the first and only industrial Internet platform in China to join the project, but also the first outside the EU to integrate the platform architecture into Europe. Industrial Internet Platform in Data and Cloud Sovereignty. Kaos will work with the core members of the GAIA-X project to formulate the GAIA-MCM certification standard based on the mass customization model to empower German Industry 4.0.

In this regard, industry insiders pointed out that in the process of promoting high-quality economic development, the construction of the Industrial Internet is of great strategic significance. The Industrial Internet is the “world language” of globalized mass production in the Internet of Things era. Whoever can create a high-quality, mature, simple, and easy-to-use “world language” as soon as possible can lead this era.

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