Shanghai Bell’s RFID-based Smart ODN solution

Abstract: This paper introduces the system structure and principle of Shanghai Bell’s SmartODN solution based on RFID technology. This paper elaborates in detail how Shanghai Bell’s SmartODN solution makes the operation and maintenance of the ODN network intelligent, thereby improving the maintenance efficiency of the ODN network and reducing the operation cost.

Key words: intelligent ODN RFID EID stylus plate technology


In recent years, with the development of telecom services in the direction of integration, digitization, intelligence, broadbandization and personalization, FTTx networks with high bandwidth and high transmission quality have developed rapidly at home and abroad. As an optical fiber distribution network accounting for 50%-70% of the investment in FTTx network construction, the construction and maintenance of ODN networks are becoming more and more important.

Because ODN network products are based on passive optical network equipment, their inherent management methods are relatively primitive, and problems such as lack of fault location methods have brought great inconvenience to their maintenance and operation, and have seriously troubled operators. Statistics show that usually more than 30% of the optical fibers of operators are unusable due to confusing and unidentifiable labels, so they can only be re-invested and laid, resulting in a lot of waste of resources. In addition to resource precipitation, operators are also faced with the problem of opening and managing optical fiber network services. For example, the operation and maintenance department receives an order and sends construction personnel to the remote site to carry out construction, but only when they arrive at the site to find that the optical fiber has been allocated; Whether it needs to be expanded, the operator can only adopt the mode of regular inspection, which consumes a lot of manpower and material resources.

The intelligent ODN solution can greatly improve the automation of fiber deployment and reduce manual operations, thereby speeding up deployment efficiency, reducing the error rate of fiber connection and fiber resource recording caused by manual operations, and improving the availability of fiber resources. It is inevitable to introduce intelligent ODN to help operators simplify management processes and reduce operating costs.

Several different ODN smart solutions

At present, the intelligent solutions of ODN are listed in Table 1 below. Among them, except for the two-dimensional code solution that does not require active cooperation, the latter three solutions all require active cooperation. The two-dimensional code solution only manages the fiber patch through the two-dimensional code label, and still needs to manually maintain the fiber patch data, and the solution cannot provide various functions such as real-time alarm, and is not truly intelligent. The three solutions of RFID, EID and stylus have their own advantages and disadvantages. In practical applications, a suitable solution can be selected comprehensively considering technical characteristics and cost factors.

Table 1 Smart ODN Solutions

Figures 1 to 3 illustrate the technical principles of the RFID, EID, and stylus solutions, respectively.

Figure 1RFID Solutions

Figure 2 EID solution

Figure 3 Stylus solution

Shanghai Bell SmartODN Solution

Shanghai Bell SmartODN solution is an intelligent ODN solution. The SmartODN solution has the following features:

The ODN intelligent management solution based on RFID technology covers nodes including patch panels, transfer boxes and fiber distribution boxes, and truly realizes the end-to-end intelligent management of ODN.

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