CES 2022 officially returns to Las Vegas to respond to global health and safety challenges with innovative technology

CES unveiling ceremony, media day preview, and keynote speeches from Samsung and General Motors have taken the lead

On January 5, 2022, CES? 2022 will officially return to Las Vegas to present innovative technologies that help improve global health and safety and change the world, presenting an influential technological feast. With the participation of more than 2,300 exhibitors (including 800 start-ups), CES 2022 will showcase the latest transformative technologies, including automotive technology, artificial intelligence, digital health, smart home technology, and some new technology categories, such as NFT , Food technology and aerospace technology. CES 2022 is hosted by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA?) and will be held in Las Vegas from now until January 7 (Friday).


CES 2022 officially returns to Las Vegas to respond to global health and safety challenges with innovative technology

Gary Shapiro, President and CEO of the Consumer Technology Association of America, said: “At CES 2022, we will be immersed in innovative technologies that will reshape society and solve major human challenges in the next decade. We believe in artificial intelligence, digital Technologies such as health, transportation, drones, smart cities, digital assets, and aerospace technology will make our lives better and beyond the limits of human beings.”

The CES exhibition officially opened today, and different activities have been launched one after another, including the media day preview, the American Consumer Technology Association 2022 technology trend report, the CES unveiling ceremony and the keynote speeches of Samsung and General Motors.

Keynote Speech

Samsung Vice Chairman, CEO and Head of DX (Device Experience) Department Jong-Hee Han delivered the first keynote speech at CES 2022 with the theme of “Together for Tomorrow”. Han Zhongxi emphasized that Samsung will build a more sustainable, more customizable and more interconnected future based on the communication and collaboration required for further development of technology and the necessity of sustainable development. Samsung showcased its fully recyclable packaging materials, solar and radio-powered equipment, and new energy-saving products, and pointed out that this is its first step towards a sustainable future. Samsung also announced that many of its current and future environmentally friendly innovative products will be shared with leaders in other industries. Han Zhongxi summarized the latest impetus for coordinated and sustainable development. He said: “Millions of daily changes will have a profound and positive impact on the planet.”

General Motors Chairman and CEO Mary Barra participated in the CES opening keynote speech online on Tuesday morning, sharing how electric vehicles are reshaping the automotive world. Barra further demonstrated the Chevrolet Silverado EV electric car that the audience expects. Silverado EV is equipped with General Motors’ Ultium battery pack, which has a battery life of up to 400 miles on a single charge. In addition, BrightDrop, a technology startup under General Motors, has also updated its commercial electric vehicles EV600 and EP1 electric pallets.

2022 Technology Trend Report

Steve Koenig, vice president of market research at CTA, announced on Monday the technology trends worth watching for 2022. Koenig pointed out that consumers are “upgrading” their technology products. In the past year, the number of new technologies such as 4K high-definition TVs and smart home appliances in American households has grown by more than 7%. The retail revenue of the consumer electronics industry is expected to exceed US$505 billion in 2022 for the first time, and continue the high growth rate of 9.6% in 2021, showing a growth of 2.8%. This expected increase comes from strong market demand for smartphones, automotive technology, healthcare-related equipment and streaming media services. Koenig also pointed out that, judging from the signs of chip sales, sales in the automotive industry are expected to rebound in 2022. The revenue of factory-mounted automobile technology transportation is expected to reach 16 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 7% compared to 2021 (14.9 billion U.S. dollars).

Unveiling Las Vegas

The CES unveiling event was held in Las Vegas this Monday, with more than 140 exhibitors and 600 media participating in the grand event. At the CES unveiling ceremony, participants can learn about the innovative products that will debut at this exhibition, including Baracoda Daily Healthtech’s “bcool” Bluetooth-connected thermometer, Moen’s smart faucet, sports with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant Control and voice control, MoonBikes Motors’ electric snow bikes, and Naio Technologies’ “Oz” robot, an agricultural assistant that can automate time-consuming tasks and provide data to growers. Click here to see all the highlights.

During the media day, several world-renowned exhibitors held a total of 14 press conferences to release the latest products and corporate trends before the official opening of the exhibition, including:

Advanced Symbolics Inc: Released AskPolly, an artificial intelligence product that helps companies predict consumer shopping choices.

Bodyfriend: The released Pharaoh O2 massage chair won the 2022 CES Innovation Award. The product can provide users with medical-grade oxygen through oxygen generation technology to effectively reduce fatigue.

Bosch: Its smart connected bicycle solution won the CES 2022 Innovation Award.

Canon: Launched a new generation of VR headset products. Cooperating with the solution provided by the Kokomo software platform, the product will transmit the view information of both parties in real-time to achieve an immersive virtual meeting.

Doosan Bobcat: Released the T7X, the first all-electric Bobcat crawler loader without hydraulic systems and components.

Hisense: Launch of 2022 ULED TVs. The new product screen is equipped with a total of 1,200 LED local dimming areas, supporting higher peak brightness Display.

Hyundai Motor: Released the Plug & Drive module, which aims to give all things mobility through robotics.

Indy Autonomous Driving Challenge: It will be held in Las Vegas Motor Speedway on January 7th, and participating teams from various universities will demonstrate advanced autonomous driving technology.

Intel: Release of the 12th generation Intel? Core mobile processors redefine the multi-core architecture of notebook computers.

American Deere Company: Released the fully automatic 8R 410 tractor, which is equipped with 12 stereo cameras and 1 Nvidia graphics processor, and can be controlled remotely via a smart phone.

LG: Announced the launch of a new generation of OLED TVs, including the smallest (42-inch) and largest (97-inch) models to date. The OLED.EX technology applied in the new product can realize ultra-clear, flexible and ultra-thin display panels.

Ottonomy: Showcasing its autonomous delivery robots, providing solutions for restaurants with unmanned delivery and door-to-door service needs.

Qualcomm: Released Snapdragon digital chassis solutions, including cellular car networking systems, advanced driver assistance systems, and information cockpit software.

Sony: Released the world’s first QD-OLED panel TV Bravia XR A95K. The new product has two versions, 65-inch and 55-inch, both of which reach 4K resolution.

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